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  • Booster Club Decal

  • Booster Club Rally Towel

  • Special Gift (TBD)


GOLD $50

  • Booster Club Decal

  • Booster Club Rally Towel


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At Rock Hill High School Champions Club, we bring families and the community together to support and enrich our football program. Our mission is to cultivate a supportive environment that propels our athletes to excel, fostering sportsmanship, teamwork, and school pride. As members, you contribute to our legacy while enjoying exclusive benefits that enhance your connection to the game and our community. Join us and become more than fans—become a family committed to building champions.


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Kurt Kuehn

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Vice President

Sean Lewis

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Lecya Janak

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Jeris Tilman

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James Gonzales

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Kenyetta Pettaway

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Joining the Rock Hill High School Champions Club is more than just support—it’s a commitment to the growth and success of our student-athletes and the entire football program. Here's why your involvement is vital:

Enhancing Team Spirit and Community

The booster club is instrumental in building a strong, inclusive community around our football program. Your participation helps foster team spirit and pride, creating an environment where all students, families, and community members feel connected and valued.

Supporting Athletic and Academic Excellence

Studies show that involvement in sports like football improves students' academic performance by fostering skills such as discipline and time management. By supporting the booster club, you're investing in our athletes' success both on the field and in the classroom.

Improving Facilities and Equipment

Your contributions are crucial for upgrading our football facilities and equipment. These improvements not only enhance the safety and effectiveness of our football program but also ensure that all student-athletes have the best tools to compete and succeed.

Promoting Broad Participation

The booster club plays a key role in encouraging a diverse group of students to understand and engage with football, a cornerstone of school spirit. This outreach is essential in a community as diverse as ours, where bringing everyone into the fold can enrich the program and enhance the experience for all.

Maximizing Resources in a Challenging Environment

Given the economic diversity within our community, every dollar contributed to the booster club makes a significant difference. Your involvement ensures that our football program can continue to thrive, providing equal opportunities for all students to participate and excel.

Enhancing the Student-Athlete Experience

The booster club plays a pivotal role in enhancing the daily experiences of our student-athletes. By offering game-day snacks and investing in top-tier equipment, we help level the playing field, helping to ensure every player has access to the necessary resources for peak performance and safety, regardless of individual economic background. The booster club organizes engaging activities that inject fun and excitement into the football season, enriching the overall experience for players. This supportive environment not only boosts morale but also fosters a spirit of inclusion and equity within the team.

Building a Lasting Legacy

Your active participation in the booster club helps lay down a tradition of excellence and community pride that will inspire and support future generations. It’s about creating a lasting impact that transcends seasons and strengthens the whole school.

By joining the Football Booster Club, you’re not just a fan—you’re an important part of a team behind the team, driving our program towards greater success and unity. This is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our young athletes and to show that our community stands strong together.

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